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The secret to not getting a speeding ticket is not getting noticed. The following article is a wellspring of good advice that should help you to avoid being a noticeable driver, and avoid the dreaded speed trap.

The following will help you to be an educated driver and avoid getting a speeding ticket. Be an educated driver with this speeding ticket Info to keep your care insurance low.

Check the following checklist for things that you may be able to implement in order to be much less noticeable to the cops, and much less likely to receive a speeding ticket.

* Drive in the middle of the pack, if you are first or last you are more noticeable and likely to get nailed with a ticket, but being in the middle keeps you hidden by the other cars.
Do not drive really, really fast. That is just looking for trouble.
Don’t weave in and out of traffic. Actually, I would like to say that if you are one of those people- “Stop doing that, everyone hates it.” Anyway, for this you could, and should get nailed with a ticket.
Don’t speed if you are the only car on the road. Duh! If there is a cop there waiting there is no one else for him to go for, and you will get nailed with a ticket.
Don’t speed in school zones or construction zones.

Also, turn off the base boost, and turn down the volume. If you are a dude that thinks that people will respect and love you for having an annoyingly loud stereo system in your car please get over it. If people like you they will like you without the volume too. So, turn down the volume and don’t get a ticket.

In addition, if you drive a flashy car, you should just know that you might be likely to get pulled over. Think about it, the reason that people buy flashy cars is to get noticed, so amongst being noticed by your dream spouse and by the Hollywood movie producers you may also catch the attention of the cop working the radar detector.

There was even a study done by “Quality Planning” that showed that the car that put its driver at the highest risk of getting a speeding ticket is the Hummer.

In decending order these cars are the four most risky speeding ticket magnets known to mankind.
#4 Mercedes-Benz CLK
#3 Scion xB
#2 Scion tC
#1 Hummer H2/H3

The key to waltzing through the streets without getting a ticket is to be a stealth driver: Don’t be seen; don’t get noticed; blend in; and don’t look for attention.

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