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Anyone who owns a car and drives everyday to work or anywhere else would agree that their driving record is very important to them. You have three options whenever you are pulled over for speeding. First is to accept the ticket and pay for it and have a bad mark in your precious driver’s record. The other option for you is to Fight a Ticket and lie to the arresting officer, but be wary of this method as it can give you more trouble than you began with. This option is reserved for those who can lie convincingly or has some sort of acting degree. The third and final option is to take and Fight Ticket in court.

Fighting a Ticket in court is sometimes the best way to avoid a bad mark in your driver’s record. It may be a bit more expensive and time consuming but if you value your record more, this is the best way to go about to Fight Ticket. There are a number of ways to Fight a Ticket in court. The first and most simple way to get away with the ticket, fine and record is the officer doesn’t show up. State’s usually give an overtime pay for officers who attend trials but with the number of trials an officer attends could mean that he or she won’t be able to show up for your trial, and thus the judge dismisses your case and your free to go.

Another way for you to get away from a speeding ticket in court is to do it by snail-mail. In California and Nevada (although I’m not sure about Nevada) you can contest the charge in court via snail-mail. Less than half of these are actually prosecuted because your arresting officer cannot see your face unlike in the courtroom and thus he or she may not be able to remember the actual events of the arrest and would be unable to produce evidence to contest your claims.

Third way to Fight a Ticket, when you are not from California or Nevada and your arresting officer does show up for your court case, you can contest the use of their handheld radar gun. There are two ways, first is to contest the accuracy of the gun, this would be effective if the gun registered just a little over the speed limit. There is reasonable doubt that the gun has registered a false reading. The other way to Fight a Ticket in court is based on an account that a guy questioned the calibration of the handheld device. He allegedly asked how the gun was calibrated and the officer answered by a tuning fork. The guy then continues to ask how was the tuning fork calibrated. The officer was unable to answer and he was set free.

These are some other ways to Fight a Ticket, if you value your driver’s record and have the time and money to deal with it. You can even hire an attorney specializing in these cases. You can also have a mechanic “fix” your speedometer and present the receipt to the judge that your speedometer was busted at that time and was unable to monitor your speed.

Fight a Ticket – What to Do to Win in Court!

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