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Men are known to be practical and wise buyers. Right from shoes to apparels to their toiletries, you will find that every purchase that they make has a handy purpose. Take the example of shoes. Men believe that there cannot be a pair that is a universal piece and can be worn anytime, anywhere. They prefer to have different pairs for different seasons and different occasions.

Let us take a look at the men leather shoes that most stylish men have in their shoe closets.

* Chestnut brown boots

If anything called ‘universal pair’ really exists in the world of men’s leather shoes, chestnut brown boots are the right pairs. Their key features are a small heel and rounded toe with smooth body texture. The rich tone of chestnut brown which is the major USP of these shoes makes them a universal and everyday wear. Since men can bank upon this mighty pair for every dress they wear and every event they attend, it makes sense that taking care of them is very important.

* Classic black formals

It is said that a man’s shoe closet never gets completed unless and until he has a pair of black shoes. This classic black pair is the most formal wear that goes well with all the formal wears they wear to office, board meetings and conferences. However, men have the license to go highly experimental with this classic pair of black leather shoes. They can pick up round tipped ones, or shop for square headed varieties, or go for slightly pointy ones. But it is generally advised that too pointed black pairs should be avoided in case it is meant to be worn for official purposes.

* Breathtaking loafers

When men need to match their bell bottom trousers or cowboy jackets with a nice pair of mens leather shoes, loafers get the most immediate attention. They are made from leather that looks worn out and hand rubbed. Yet, the shiny appeal of the leather holds the gravity of this wonderful fair. These shoes also feature a top stitch with either lighter or deeper colored thread which adds to their aesthetic appeal. The artfully shaped contour of these shoes makes them the precious possession of every stylish man.

* Dessert boots

The key feature of dessert boots are the dusty look that they have. They are light in weight, have a brushed look and feature a faded texture. Further, the unstructured look of these dessert boots and the lace based operation make them ideal casual wear for weekend picnics and freaking out with friends. The special velvety finish of the base leather of these desert shoes make them highly sought after by men.

Top Four leather Shoes Most Stylish Men Own

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