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It is said that a man is known by his shoes. Now this old saying definitely signifies that shoes have a great role to play in determining the tastes and personality of a man. It also determines how a man will look like. Thus, men must know what footwear to choose while putting on a particular dress.

So, if you are a great fan of dress shoes but the plethora of styles and colors keep you dazed then we have some handy tips for you. Check them out!

* Brown wing-tipped oxford boots

While strolling in a shopping mall or a market place, you have certainly come across these wing-tipped Oxford fair. They are burnt brown in color and have visible top stitches over them which add up to their visual appeal. They have about half inches raised additional soles with a rounded front and winged top. These shoes match perfectly well with midnight blue and navy blue corporate shoes. You can even couple them up with black or gray colored trousers and stiff collar white or off-white colored buttoned formal shirts. These mens dress shoes are perfect pairs for business meetings and formal corporate functions.

* Clip on dress shoes

If you have an eye for traditional stuffs, your shoe wardrobe must contain a pair of shiny black clip-on dress shoes. These shoes are convenient to wear and take off as they do not have laces. So, you can simply slip your feet inside them and buckle the clips. While top stitches and tonal detailing work towards boosting their aesthetic appeal, these shoes have about half inch outsoles and rounded head. You can pair these traditional shoes with formal trousers of any color. You can bring out that serious looking man in you very conveniently by pairing these shoes with khakis, 100% cotton trousers and chinos. But if you wish to look a bit trendy, you need to replace the traditional white and off-white shirts with powder pink and ocean blue varieties. Finish off grooming yourself by wearing cufflinks and slipping on a black colored blazer.

* Catalux strapped monk shoe

Monk shoes are extremely popular among stylish men who wish to look a bit different from the crowd. They are famous for their smooth surface, shapely contour and strapped operations. The trademark color of these catalux dress shoes for men is dark gray. While the buckle closure of this footwear helps men in wearing and opening it as and when they feel like, the leather body makes it highly durable. The pair looks best when teamed up with gray colored trousers. However, the color option for shirts for calalux monk ranges from white to varying shades of purple.

Tips on matching the popular men’s dress shoes

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