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“I raise my cup and adore Babalon.”

This quote is from an occult literature known as ‘In Nomine Babalon’, or Adorations of the Scarlet Goddess. Myths whisper an unsaid, suppressed story of the matriarchal Babalon queendom, something that also the Bible acknowledges. Although the kingdom has been lost in time, the words have kept her alive. The words that say “I raise my grail,” or the adorations of my pure shining heart to you, o queen of the Universe!

You are unique

She did not go anywhere! Babalon is unique in anyone who has been herself, in her heartfelt queenly glory or being the divine Mary! Yes, some also note that she was Mary Magdalene, the strange woman in the life of Jesus, whom he supposedly married and bore a bloodline. Now, a queen must have her most perfect looks! Adore cosmetics make it possible.

You can find hundreds of cosmetics companies online, but you rarely find one where they keep it organic strictly. Most sites either sport a combo of organic and chemical products, or only keep the items in the latter category. The adoration is true. Here nature is appreciated, earth is respected, and your health is not compromised for profits. It is perfect!

Love yourself

Life is full of concerns. That’s how it is! There will be challenges, and issues, and you will always try to find the most perfect way to be better all the same. The feelings connect as well. They connect like weird coincidences do! When you are depressed, you suddenly find pimples coming up. When you feel old, you notice the wrinkles all over your face. When you are working too hard, you begin to notice the nails beginning to crack. The connections are obvious, but if you are unable to attach them, they look disconnected from your life.

After all, the depression weakens your immune system, causing a free radical chaos, pulling down your skin in wrinkles. Love yourself. Love being who you are and handle your depression well. Your darkness must find the best expression in being creative! Well, why not try a new nailpolish design from Adore cosmetics? This much is certain that you would simply love it in the mirror!

Men are welcome

The most well-kept men are also traditionally the best ones. In the masculine world, taking personal care is still largely a taboo because it is thought to be okay to be smelly and sweaty. Well, that is wrong! Not only you won’t get any attention, but also you will lose the friends you already have. Instead, you can check out the men’s line from Adore cosmetics. The man Rocks!

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