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As much it is important to take care of one’s own skin and hair, it is equally important to pay attention to a lesser cared-for body part- our nails. It is often said that you can ascertain the health of a person by just looking at his or her nails. So it is very important to pay utmost importance to our nails. To facilitate this, we have some of the best products in our lineup for you.

Nail Kit- Origin

This is a basic and must have product with every woman. The Hand and body lotion that comes in our kit helps to give you a very lustrous and supple look. It uses our most famous ingredient- the Plant Stem Cells which helps to refresh the body’s own stem cells. We also have a buffer and nail file which can keep your nails well manicured and stylish. When using the buffer, the nails might become a little brittle. You can moisturize it with the cuticle oil which will make it feel softer.

Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is essential to give the nail a glossy and luxurious look. It is usually done by friction and sanding the nails. If you are a person who uses a light gloss as your nail color, you will realize that a good buffering is sufficient to give you the very same result. This also stimulates the blood circulation and health of the nails. Hence it is good to use our nail care regularly to achieve this.

Nail File

If you have long nails and need to shape it to your best possible look, it is best to use Adore Cosmetics Nail Care which also includes nail file. For the round shape, the edge cut, the stiletto cut, squoval shape, the square cut, or whatever is your preferred shape, you can use our nail file to get to that desired look and shape. A well manicured and well maintained hand and toe nails are ideal for the confidence a woman.

Ultra Repair Cuticle Oil

It is possible that when we work hard with our hands, or buffer and file too much, our nails might take a toll and can feel brittle. That is why we suggest you use our ultra repair cuticle oil which can repair cracks and dryness. If you need your hands look and feel soft, then you can use a little of this oil to gain the desired effect.

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