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Your nails deserve good attention. Do you know that the usual nail polish remover acetone actually absorbs moisture from your nail making it brittle over time? It is actually an open secret that long term uses of conventional cosmetics are not very beneficial for the body. If they would have worked, the nails would have stayed strong and the wrinkles would have disappeared! Did they now? Well, if you are looking for an alternative solution then it is right here at the products inventory of Adore cosmetics nail care products.

Simply beautiful alternative

Look up the fantastic nail buffer and nail repair kit. Yes, you will need to repair the nails beaten to brittleness by all the nail color chemicals. The repairing lotion consists of a cuticle oil serum derived from herbal extracts. When it comes to choosing between a plant based and a lab based chemical, you should choose the first with eyes shut! After all, nature always knows best on everything! It is totally an illusion and unnatural to think of lab products as safe. If they were safe, did they have to test them on hapless lab animals? In fact, the way cute animals are butchered in labs is actually appalling. Many concerned women these days look for natural alternatives without the guilty conscience of harming an innocent.

Why are organic products more expensive?

All the options are already available with Adore. All you have to do is to browse the few products in the nail care line up and take your pick. Besides the restorative lotions, the brand also presents cool nail care tools like the cuticle pusher. You can buy this neat thing separately or as a part of the nail care kits. All Adore cosmetic nail care products are available with full product descriptions. Click-read the product features and make an informed choice. Indeed, organic products are slightly more expensive than conventional creams.

However, you should understand that pure organic extraction is a highly cost extensive process. Every step of the herbal extraction should be safeguarded from impurities corrupting the alchemy. Furthermore, the conditions for extraction have to be maintained in fragility. A slight rise above the optimum heat or incorrect centrifugation time will ruin the purity. Besides, obtaining pyre raw materials is also a long-term responsibility.
When you want rose petal extracts, you will need to grow the roses and that takes some time. Thousands of rose petals will be needed for obtaining the pure essence. On the other hand, lab chemicals are manufactured in the mass production system. Hope you get the differences why organic products are more valuable!

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